Skin Checks

Barton General Practice offers full skin checks and spot checks by Doctor’s qualified in skin cancer medicine.
We use the latest technology in skin lesion viewing for early detection and image documentation. This technology provides our Doctor’s with an outstanding image resolution to accurately recognise existing and/or potential skin cancers.

Fotofinder Digital Dermoscopy

Fotofinder Digital Dermoscopy

Spot Check: 15 minute appointment

A spot check appointment is classified as examining up to 3 spots or moles.

Full skin check: 30 minute appointment

A full skin check is an examination of the entire skin surface.

If you are unsure, please call us to ensure your appointment is booked correctly.

what are the signs and symptoms of a skin cancer?

Knowing your skin is essential when detecting possible skin cancers. This involves regularly checking your skin in a mirror to notice any changes or new spots. The ABCD method developed by the Cancer Council is an effective method to identify a possible melanoma;

  • Asymmetry: If the spot or lesion is divided in half, the two halves are not a mirror image

  • Border: A spot with a spreading or irregular edge

  • Colour: A spot with a number of different colours through it

  • Diameter: A spot that is growing and changing in diameter or size

when should I get checked?

Early detection and treatment of a skin cancer is key in avoiding the need for surgery, and significantly decreasing the risk of adverse health implications associated with melanoma. If you are unsure about a mole or skin lesion, please see your Doctor to determine if the spot requires further action. All Doctor’s at Barton General Practice offer skin check’s, though Dr Cameron Webber and Dr Ruth Przychodzka both have a subspecialty in skin cancer medicine.