"What are YOur Billing ARRANGEMENTS?"

  • We are a private billing practice. Information about our fees and our services can be requested through our reception via email, over the phone or at the practice.

  • We require payment at the time of consultation.

  • Our payment methods include Cash, Cheque, Credit card and Eftpos.

"How do i book Appointments?"

  • Appointments can be made through contacting reception or booking online.

  • Consultation is by appointment only. If the case is urgent we will try and get you in to see a Doctor on the same day.

  • Booking a long appointment is required for insurance medicals, health reviews, counselling, second opinions, multiple health issues and other complex medical problems. Please bring all relevant information required for your appointment.

  • Please notify us if you are unable to attend an appointment well in advance, otherwise we will charge a non- attendance fee.

  • If there is more than one family member wishing to attend an appointment, a separate appointment will need to be made for each family member.

  • Our practice has an opt out reminder system.

"How do you communicate my results and other practice infomration?"


  • A doctor is available during normal practice hours to give emergency advice to patients where required. All other communication is done through our staff who are experienced in deciding the appropriate response required to all phone and email requests.

Test Results

  • All test results are reviewed by the doctors and acted on in a timely manner with your health in mind. We will contact you as soon as it is necessary.

After Hours Medical Attention

  • If you require medical attention after hours please contact CALMS on 1300 422 567